Satisfaction Guaranteed, Fully Insured, Back Ground Checks on all Employee's.

Hands-On Cleaning takes pride in the janitorial service we offer. Hands-On Cleaning believes not only should your workplace look clean, it should smell and feel clean. Its our job to not only provide you with a clean work environment, but also to have your employees and clients feel the same.

My employees are trained professionals. That require certain work ethic to deliver a cleaner, more prospective work place for you, your staff and clients.

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It has been quoted that we go above and beyond exceptions. And that the communication and constant contact I provide is a step above all the rest.. All issues are address immediately, with me personally coming in and making sure all corrections are made and put in place to better our service. We provide a communication book to help us with any issues that may occur.

Our employees are giving training on cleaning, safety and how best to meet our clients needs. We hold monthly meetings to address issues, safety and idea's to make our team stronger for you the client.

I provide follow up visits, bi-weekly, monthly or what you feel is needed to best suite your needs. When starting a company I personally work and train the employees to insure cleaning duties that are required are being completed.

Some examples of the Janitorial Services we offer to keep offices clean are:

Dusting/Wiping Janitorial Service

(I provide a list of how Hands-On Cleaning trains employees on how to properly clean office area's with the Proposal)
  • Dusting/Wiping desktops,countertops,file cabinets, workstations, computer screens, keyboards,calculators, telephones, copiers. We dust anything found on the desk of your office,store or business. Unless otherwise requested. These types of items are typically done each clean.
  • Dusting/Wiping picture frames, window sills, chair bases, blinds, switch plates, ledges,etc. These are typically done weekly, to help keep down the build up of dust.
  • Vacuum air vents, air returns, ceiling fans, cobwebs and baseboards. This is typically done bi-weekly or monthly.

Janitorial Glass Cleaning

  • Door entry glass inside and out
  • Partition Glass&Interior Mirrors of the business
  • Interior and Exterior full window clean quote provides when requested

Janitorial Restroom Service

(I provide a list of how Hands-On Cleaning trains employees on how to properly clean restroom with the Proposal)
  • Clean and disinfect all office toilets, urinals, sinks, counters,etc.
  • Wipe all stalls bi-weekly
  • Polish chrome, bright work and mirrors
  • Sweep/mop all hard surfaces
  • Wipe down tops of baseboards and behind toilets bi-weekly

Floor Surfaces

  • Sweep, dust mop, or vacuum floor surfaces are required. Wet mop with the recommended cleaning solutions

Other Services Provided

  • Carpet Cleaning with a Van mount using 'Hot Water Extraction
  • Window Cleaning inside and out.
  • Stripping/Refinish of Tile floors
  • Tile&Grout Cleaning& Reseal
  • Air Duct cleaning
  • Epoxy Flooring